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Now your child can work on reading comprehension and creative writing skills anytime and anywhere!

It's easy! Watch a lesson, then submit written work for personal teacher feedback.

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Taught by an Expert

Our lessons are developed and delivered by the founder of Leap into Literacy, Dr Allison Greenland.

Personalised Feedback

Students will submit written work and receive detailed feedback (including a personal video) from a highly qualified teacher.

Safe & Easy to Use

Our classes are delivered in a secure online learning space, which is safe and easy for kids to access and use.

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Developed by Dr Allison Greenland, a literacy expert and mother of three.

Dr Allison Greenland — Founder & CEO.

Hi, I’m Allison – Leap into Literacy’s founder and owner. I am passionate about literacy levels in our children, who in turn become our next generation of leaders.

In addition to raising my own three munchkins, I was previously a classroom teacher, a Gifted & Talented teacher for both Primary and Secondary students, and also a Creative Writing teacher for adults. In 2019, I finished my PhD in Curriculum and Teaching (just before my third arrived!), and I also hold a Master’s degree in Education.

When I was on maternity leave with my oldest daughter, I wanted to be able to stay at home with her while still being able to do what I love the most: teach! As a result of this, I designed the Leap into Literacy program to help children become engaged in reading and writing.

My vision for Leap into Literacy is to foster a lifelong love of reading and writing for all children, including my own! 

How Does it Work?

  • Each lesson will contain an interactive recorded session with Dr. Allison Greenland, covering a new learning concept & novel each week. Materials are provided directly in the forum for students to use during & after the lesson...too easy!   

  • All written work is uploaded directly in our learning platform, reviewed by our teachers and returned with detailed written feedback and a personal video explanation for your child- just like being in one of our classrooms!

  • When you sign up, the first lesson is available for seven days to work through and complete at your own pace. Once that is finished, you can unlock the next three lessons that you can complete weekly, twice a week, or however you like. 

My daughters attended the Leap in Literacy program and thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend this style of learning to any parent who is considering getting additional help for their struggling child or extending their gifted child with their learning.
Jackee D
After just two weeks of online lessons, I can see that my son has really enjoyed taking part in the online mode of learning. He also loved independently finishing the writing task required after the lesson. Thanks to Allison for creating such amazing and interesting online lessons that have brightened my son's study life.
Olivia S
I've been doing online learning with Allison for two weeks now and I feel that it is exactly the same as physical learning in terms of the knowledge that is conveyed to us. I definitely think that online learning is very efficient and I like it very much.
Alex (in his own words)
My son really enjoyed the online lesson using 'The Railway Children' book to learn about how suspense and foreshadowing are used in literature to give clues to the reader about what might be about to happen next. He's now keen to read the whole book!
Phillipa S

Read our FAQS

Our classes are designed to cater for students of all levels. If children are struggling with literacy skills they will gain support and confidence from the classes. If kids need to be challenged and extended, these classes are perfect for that as well.

The curriculum is written and designed in a way that allows for differentiation. Students are able to work at a level that they are comfortable with. While the overall content (topic, book, activity, etc) is the same for the class, students are challenged to their individual level with modifications made in the videos and worksheets, and one-on-one feedback given to them during the writing portion.

Leap into Literacy is a creative reading and writing program for kids to be used as an extension to what they learn in school. Our online classes focus on literacy, covering a different book or topic each week. For example, in an older class we might be looking at The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and discussing how to paint a picture in your reader’s head using descriptive details. We explore just the first chapter of a book together – that way if students are interested in the book, they can continue reading it at home.

During the video, Allison will help guide students to link what is happening in the book to different types of reading comprehension skills, as we read it or listen to it together. Games and other interactive activities take place during the lesson to help reinforce these literacy skills. Each week we will focus on something different, such as (for older students) character development, paragraph transitions, how to plan your story, persuasive and narrative text, using dialogue, etc. as well as a daily focus on spelling, grammar, and even handwriting. 

Students then use creative techniques to plan and then produce their own writing that focuses on the topic for that week, or for younger students we cover the material as we go through it together, with students completing their work on the provided worksheets. Students will then submit all of their work in their own forum to receive written feedback directly from one of our highly qualified teachers. These processes will foster students’ independent learning for confidence and future success.

Of course! We have the ages as a guideline for parents, but you know your child best and where he or she would be best suited. We also offer the 7 day trial so that you can make sure that it is the best fit before continuing. 

We believe that our online courses are delivered in the safest method possible. Students view the lessons which contain the video and materials directly from the forum. Feedback comes only from Dr. Allison Greenland and her team of highly qualified teachers, all of whom have undergone “Working with Children” checks. There is no direct interaction outside of the secure forum on the website.

These classes are catered for students who may have difficulty with focus levels in a traditional classroom. They are designed for learning and fun! Classes are creative and involve games, audio and video clips, and other activities so that students are motivated and retaining information for life. Activities are done in 15-20 minute intervals so that kids’ attention spans are at their highest levels possible during each activity. Our lessons cater for both auditory and visual-spatial learners that enjoy the engagement from Allison during the lessons. But don’t just take our word for it, give it a try to see for yourself! 

We love the flexibility that our online classes offer: they can be completed anytime that suits! However, we do recommend that you try to get into a bit of a routine with the classes. For example, you may set aside each Thursday afternoon to work on the lessons, or maybe a Saturday morning, or possibly two times each week. As a guideline we recommend 1-2 lessons each week or fortnightly, depending on your schedule. 

The videos themselves range between 30-40 minutes in length, depending on the content covered and the age group. Several times within the video Allison will ask students to pause the video and complete a worksheet, or to complete a piece of writing or other activity. There is also a writing portion and we recommend between 15-45 minutes of time spent on this, depending on the age and ability levels of your child. Altogether the lesson could go anywhere from one hour to two hours…it’s up to you! Each module is written so that it continues on from the previous one, so students can continue to complete modules and lessons at their convenience.

To claim the free 7 day trial, register your child for the first module that contains four lessons for $99. You will enter your payment details but won’t be charged. If you aren’t completely satisfied, just cancel your membership through your account before the 7 day trial ends.

To cancel your subscription and avoid being charged $99 for the module of four lessons, please log in to your account via the homepage (leapintoliteracy.com). You can click on the “students” tab and login and then also click on “account” to access your account. Then you can see different tabs under Membership Account and one is “My subscription”, where you will find the cancellation button. 


What sort of work can I expect my child to submit and receive back?

As they progress, our students will submit written work for individual writing tasks. Below are examples from two students and the feedback we provide, with our hand-reviewed and marked feedback written in green pen. 

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