Why Leap into Literacy is the right centre for your child

Why Leap into Literacy is the right centre for your child

When looking for any type of academic assistance for your child, it’s important that the centre and people that you choose brings out the very best in your child. In addition, it needs to be worth your investment. Leap into Literacy provides your child with exactly this. It’s a learning centre designed specifically to encourage children to improve their skills in literacy.

This specialisation is one of the many reasons that our programs are so successful. It’s not the only reason though! Here’s why Leap into Literacy is the best choice for academic learning for you and your child.

Qualified founder and teachers

Founder and director Allison Greenland is an experienced Primary teacher, including Gifted and Talented teaching for Primary and Secondary students. She has a PhD in Curriculum and Teaching, with a Masters in Education.

Leap into Literacy’s curriculum is personally written by Allison and is based on her recent research and experience.

Leap into Literacy’s teachers also all have specific education or experience in teaching, with the majority specialising in English or English Literature. This means that your child is receiving specific and targeted help with their literacy skills from trained professionals.

Sessions are enjoyable

Children enjoy coming to Leap into Literacy! Our philosophy is to instill a love of learning through compassionate teaching methods based on a specific curriculum. Each class is unique and steps children through various literacy topics in an engaging way.

Wide range of learning tools

Our classes are not just about children sitting in silence completing worksheets. Interaction and discussion is encouraged between the children to deepen and enhance their learning. We also use a wide range of different tools to engage the children, as every child learns differently.

Some classes involve games, audio, video or other types of technology as appropriate. All are designed to capture the imagination of the children and encourage them to expand on their knowledge of a particular subject.

Increasing skills and confidence

We allow our children to experience literacy in all its different forms, rather than teaching children via rote learning. We avoid teaching children to work with a formula, or to follow a rigid plan. Instead we encourage them to build on their skills in a thoughtful way, which not only improves their literacy, but also their confidence.

Specialists in literacy

Our centres specialise in reading, comprehension and writing, all based on a curriculum written by a literacy expert. You can be assured that what your child is learning is the passion of each of our teachers.

Each class is run with a prepared lesson plan that allows teachers to individualise if needed. The curriculum is based on current research and methodologies that give children the room to expand their knowledge and a freedom to conduct their own investigative learning if that’s how they best learn.

Leap into Literacy provides a specialised caring environment for children to improve and extend their reading comprehension and writing skills. If you’re interested in seeing what Leap into Literacy has to offer, you can book your  free trial here.