Why public speaking is an important skill for children to learn

Does the thought of standing up in front of an audience make you feel nervous? Chances are you haven’t been given enough opportunities to practise, or haven’t been given tips on how to step out on stage with confidence.

Many of us avoid public speaking at all costs, but it’s such an important life skill to conquer. If you can do it early on in life, then it will give you a great grounding for your future years. Here’s a few reasons why being able to speak in public is an important skill for children to learn.

Improves in communication skills

Public speaking usually involves conveying an idea or opinion to a group of people. The amalgamation of ideas into a succinct dialogue helps children to improve their communication skills. This confidence can then translate to social situations. If you can communicate with others and are able to express your ideas or opinions without fear, then it will help children to navigate the often difficult minefield of friendships.

Results in improved performance in other academic areas

A foundation in public speaking skills can assist children in a wide range of academic areas. One of the reasons is that it encourages critical thinking. This skill is important as it helps children to find and apply information in order to solve a problem, and not just memorise facts and figures.

Helps build literacy skills

Public speaking is not just about the speaking part! It involves planning, writing and comprehension, all of which are important elements of literacy.

Encourages a growth mindset

When children begin to see improvements in their ability and how they can overcome any fears that they may have with public speaking, this not only gives them confidence, but encourages a growth mindset. They are then more likely to embrace other challenges in their life and believe in themselves.

Helps children express their thoughts, ideas and feelings

Being a successful public speaker requires children to draw on their own experiences of life, their beliefs and their own understanding of the world. Bringing this together in planning, writing and speaking gives them an opportunity to express their opinions.

Teaches children to speak from the heart

When you are speaking in public, you are telling a story. You express your thoughts and ideas, and it usually comes from a place of your own beliefs. Speaking from the heart gives children confidence as they grow older to be assertive, but polite and authentic.

Public speaking is such a valuable skill for children to learn. Leap into Literacy is running specialised classes these school holidays to help give your child the extra confidence they need when writing and presenting a speech.

In this particular half day course they will learn the elements of a good speech, how to write it in a logical manner and tips on confidence when presenting their speech. All children will have the opportunity to practise and then present their speech in front of their classmates.