Why Dads are Awesome Readers

Research shows that reading to young children helps to improve literacy and communication skills. But does it matter who does the reading? Any reading is better than no reading, but it may be that not all reading is created equal!

Fathers play a pivotal role in every child’s development, but there seems to be a number of specific benefits they provide when it comes to reading to children. Let’s explore the reasons why dads are awesome readers!

Dads read differently

When women read to children, they take a more teacher-like focus to interacting with them. They will focus on naming objects, counting, pointing to colours or letters. Men, on the other hand, seem to unconsciously find ways to tell a story within the story. As an example, they may take the mention of a car and turn it into a mini-story about a funny driving incident, or the last road trip that they took together

Building critical thinking skills

This focus on discussion that Dads are so skilled at doing builds meaningful conversations with children. It helps develop their critical thinking skills as they are more easily able to connect a situation with a problem, solution or story.

Critical thinking skills are an important life skill as they help us make good decisions based on understanding connections, perspective and communicating with others. So, having Dads read on a regular basis will help your child develop skills that are important asset later on in life.

Reading with Dad is special

Whilst we all aim for an equal society, reading to children often falls with mum. This is definitely not a bad thing! It’s sometimes just a fact of life. So, when storytime is taken over by Dad there is a sense of occasion or something special. Children listen in more intently, are engaged in a different way and seem to really take notice!

Fun impersonations

Dads are great at doing the impersonations. The accents, the monsters, the fairies, the cars. You name it, Dad can do it! This all helps to fine tune language skills. It allows children to see the nuances in language and how it can create and build a great story.


Opportunity for Dad to role model

Last but not least, Dads reading to kids shows them how reading and literacy can be an enjoyable activity to do together. It provides them with the opportunity to demonstrate all the amazing ways Dads can make storytime a moment to remember and cherish.

 Whilst all these benefits are aimed at kids, there is also a number of benefits for the Dads doing the reading. They get to spend one-on-one quality time with their children and connect in a calm and loving way. It’s also a great opportunity for Dads to unwind from the day. I’ve found my husband curled up on my kids’ floor more than once after bedtime storytime!

So, let’s celebrate all the amazing Dads out there, and the beautiful lessons they teach our children every day.

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