Dear parents, 

One thing that we are passionate about here at Leap into Literacy is making sure that your younger child has the correct guide for letter formation, font used in your state, and lined paper. Unfortunately, this can vary by state in Australia as there is no universal font or even a universal lined paper preference! 

Do not fear, though, as we provide the correct font guidelines and downloadable paper depending on your location. Some states use the same as others, while some are completely on their own. Just click on your state and you will find the template that your child can use for all lessons, as well as paper to download to use for lessons. We recommend downloading at least a few sheets of paper so that you don’t need to download for each lesson, but that is up to you. And don’t worry if you prefer to print in black-and-white; the colour is there as that is the required guidelines but it’s not necessary as your child can still see the dotted lines. 

Please have the template next to them as a guideline for them to review when writing. Our teachers will note which state they are in when marking their work as well and will correct handwriting depending on their state’s template. Another thing that we are passionate about is handwriting, so rest assured that we will do everything we can to help your child have the best handwriting possible! In order to do that, we highly recommend using our lined paper and templates. If you don’t have a printer, please find a similarly lined notebook to use. 

For any student outside of Australia, you can download the “Universal” template and paper as this will be applicable as a general guideline for all other areas. If you have a specific font that you would like us to use, please feel free to email us at and we can aim to send you one directly. We will use the NSW font on many of our examples in class, but if you are outside of NSW please use your own font and paper when your child completes his or her writing. 

*This paper is for students in our younger classes for ages 4-7, as regular lined notebook paper templates will be provided in the older classes. However, if your older child is struggling with handwriting or you feel that they could benefit from using this paper, we recommend printing it off for them as well until they have mastered the smaller single lines.