What makes a great teacher?

One of the many pieces of the literacy puzzle is how we teach our children. We can give them all the tools in the world to help them with their reading and writing, but if there is no connection in the delivery, then it can fall on deaf ears! A great teacher helps a child according to their needs. In our classes we have found that children understand concepts more when teachers demonstrate certain qualities. Here’s what we believe are the attributes of a great teacher.

Passion for the subject

Leap into Literacy

It’s one thing to love teaching children, but another to be passionate about what you’re teaching. No matter what vocation you examine, if someone believes in and enjoys what they do, then the results always speak for themselves. At Leap into Literacy our teachers have a particular interest in an aspect of literacy, and this shines through in their classes!


A great teacher needs to be able to show flexibility in their teaching style. This means trying different strategies when a concept isn’t being understood as well as being able to adapt to how each child best learns and retains new knowledge.

Develops relationships and is relatable

I have a clear memory of several teachers during my primary and high school years that I enjoyed being in a classroom with. When I look back and think about some of their qualities, one thing really stands out. They got to know me as a student and happened to be interested in something that meant a lot to me.

They found a way to connect with me which in turn increased my engagement. That’s a hard thing to do, especially in a class of 30 students. Leap into Literacy classes have a maximum of seven students, which ensures that our teachers get to know your child and what makes them tick.

Fosters a sense of community

We have seen in our classes that all of the children seem to get along, even though we may have children of varying abilities working together. By undertaking engaging activities that cater for a range of abilities, our teachers are able to create a sense of belonging. That connection is not only great for literacy and learning skills in general, but also helps the children build important life skills such as resilience, friendships and listening.

Good listening skills

Modern teaching is more than just instruction –it’s a two way street! In our classes we encourage conversations with students. This helps us discover where a child may be having difficulties, or conversely excels at a particular task. A teacher who demonstrates good listening skills is also a great role model for children in group discussions and they learn about taking turns and respecting other people’s point of view.


Child tutoring

To get the most out of a learning experience, a great teacher needs to be prepared. They not only need to know the subject matter but also what specifically will be taught and how. At Leap into Literacy our teachers follow a predefined curriculum, so you can be assured that there has been significant thought and effort put into each class.

People who enter the teaching profession are amazing people. They dedicate their time to ensuring our children are learning what they need according to their stage of life. At Leap into Literacy we have a team of dedicated teachers who encourage a love literacy and challenge children in ways that help them flourish.

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Leap into Literacy provides small tutoring classes with a focus on reading comprehension and writing. Using techniques that allow students to become creative in the learning process, sessions are fun and achieve maximum results!

Classes are held at our centres in Drummoyne, Balmain, and North Willoughby, as well as other locations around Sydney, and are available for preschoolers and school age children in Years K-6. 

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