Practice makes perfect with school holiday classes


People often think that sending kids off to a class during the school holidays is crazy! Whilst kids definitely need down time to recover from a busy school year, attending a class is a great opportunity to spark creativity and continuous learning as they are removed from their usual daily routine. At Leap into Literacy we are excited about our upcoming school holiday creative writing classes. Here’s a few reasons our classes will help your child these school holidays.  

Practice makes perfect 

Just like learning to play an instrument, it is important that we are continually working on our literacy skills to refine and improve them. Our creative writing classes will help your child remember and retain skills they have learnt during the year, which is especially important for kids who need extra attention with their literacy. 

Break for everyone 

Our classes are a great way to break up a day of boredom at home! Just two hours of creativity will rejuvenate the whole family. It’s a great option for school holiday care and gives you time to get a few things done (or grab a quite cuppa at one of the local cafes!). 

We love to see parents team up with other families to help each other out with school holiday care options. Pair up with other families to take turns in looking after the kids over two days. The kids will relish the opportunity to not only hang out with their friends, but they will be so inspired with their writing, that they’ll want the extra time with each other to finish off their stories! 

Fun environment 

Just like our term classes, we promise that it will be a fun experience for everyone, no matter what the age or literacy level your child may be. They won’t even realise that they are learning new skills or practicing as it doesn’t feel like school at all. 

Our school holiday classes are a great opportunity for children to meet new friends, broaden their horizons and expand their peer group. 


Our trained teachers give the children one-on-one feedback on their outline, writing and character development. This provides the kids with direction and further inspiration to refine their writing. 

It also provides the perfect antidote to the traditional ‘I’m bored’ cry we often hear during the school holidays. Your child will gain momentum in their creative writing abilities and return to their story, time and time again. If you’re going away, it gives them something to do whilst on a plane, at the beach, or on a rainy day! 

If you’re ready for some school holiday creativity, join the team at Leap into Literacy for our school holiday program. Your kids can create their own book or short story. This is for students in Years K–6 who want to create their own written masterpiece, all whilst learning the important aspects of writing. Using techniques that allow students to become creative in the learning process, sessions are fun and achieve maximum results.